Thermal Caps are custom made pre manufactured panel systems which offers you a quick and efficient way to instantly insulate the largest heat loss opening in your home.


You can save thousands of dollars by simply insulating all your attic stairs, attic hatch, and any attic opening(s) in your home. It’s true! You should have a min. of R-30 for your entire ceiling area. The pictures below are examples of the typical attic stair. See the thin piece of wood that is acting as your insulation over your pull down attic stairs? There is a very easy, economical, and fast way to save a lot of money and energy by insulating this attic stair opening! Thermal Cap 3000 offers a R-30 and comes in a complete DIY kit that anyone can install.

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More than 40% of energy is loss in your ceilings in your home and your attic access openings make up most of that amount. By insulating it properly using a high R-Value product, you can save money now. All homes have attics. There are standard attic stairs and pull down stairs or the common smaller openings in the hallways, closets, laundry rooms and garages. These openings are causing a great amount of wasted energy and money. These attic openings create a huge loss of heat in the winter months. They even cause your air conditioning to work harder during the summer months too. .

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Thermal Cap 1500 R-15 and Thermal Cap 3000 R-30

Our company has over 20 years in the home Construction and remodeling business. We have designed a new product that creates a Thermal barrier over your attic pull down stairs, and any attic access any size. The Thermal Cap 1500 and Thermal cap 3000 offering Attic insulating solutions for any size attic opening in every home. These specialized DIY kits can be installed virtually in minutes. Thermal Caps will fit any size opening and can be customized to fit any existing attic floor.

Thermal cap will install on flat surfaces and can easily custom fit to any attic floor without building the floor up or adding any other material. No other product offers this versatility of installation as Thermal Cap does. One size fits all.

We have specially designed the side panels of the Thermal Cap so they can be customable to any attic floor. We know from years of working in the construction industry that all attic floors are not the same. We designed the Thermal Cap attic stair and hatch insulator to fit all attic floors with no extra materials or power tools.  Its smart, its fast, its economical and its easy. It’s so simple you won’t believe it!

Now you can do it and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. The Thermal Cap panel systems allow you to save money immediately. It installs in any size opening, all standard size attic stair and attic pull down stairs openings. The Thermal Cap is made of 100% EPS (Expanded polystyrene) and comes in custom pre manufactured panels to fit any size openings.



Thermal cap will install on flat surfaces or can easily custom fit to any attic floor without building the floor up or adding any other material. No other product offers this versatility in installation. One size fits all.